Summit Treestands
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From: Bows the way
For ten years in a row I've taken care of someone injured on opening weekend. Last night that streak continued when someone fell 20 feet out of their treestand. Their hunting season is over. Please put that harness on someone at home is waiting to hear your hunting stories. Be safe and goodluck today.

From: happygolucky
Great advice. My son and I always use ours. We even use them on ladder stands in case of a misstep.

From: Bows the way
Only takes on slip.

From: PECO
A slip, a bolt or strap fails on the stand, so much can happen, and it does. My wife is an ER nurse. She has some stories from the days of working at the hospital in Grayling during hunting season. I myself am just not comfortable 20' in the air on a tiny platform, bending over to shoot. I like hunting on the ground.

From: Copperman
I still don't understand why guys don't where them.................very selfish

Young guys consider themselves bullet-proof, while the older guys have been climbing trees without a mishap for many years......then it changes in an instant. For the first time in over 40 years of bowhunting, I purchased an HSS lifeline that keeps you attached from the ground up. Have only been out once so far and then from a stool on the ground so I haven't tried it out yet in the field. Been wearing a rock climbing type harness for years for installing stands and hunting, but a faulty strap or a weld can ruin your hunt.....or season. Very good reminder thread....thanks!

From: Copperman
Alaska at Heart I bought three new one this year on amazon for $80. Cheapest life insurance ever. They are so easy to use.

I use harness systems and life lines......... But I noticed that a 2 man ladder stand that I've had up for a few years on my property has had the tree that is attached to die...... completely dead. My buddy pointed it out to me after hunting it for a few days for bear. I had a single ladder stand there for a few years and replaced it with a new 2 man ladder stand. I killed 2 does and a bear out of that tree stand...... but it's gotta come down now. I'd hate to have the tree tip over with someone in the stand.

From: ScaryGerry
Good idea to get that stand down Chris. I've always used a harness even back when I was young and dumb. Now that I'm old and dumb I wouldn't even think of going up without one. A slip could not just ruin your hunt or season, it could ruin your life and or the life of your loved ones. Be safe out there folk!!

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