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Youth-Only Spring Javelina
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Dirty D 01-Oct-17
Chuckster 01-Oct-17
Dirty D 04-Oct-17
From: Dirty D
Hi, guys, I had a quick question I was hoping you might be able to help with. I'm planning on hunting Javelina's this spring with my two boys ages 9 & 11. I live Ft. Collins CO, so will be buying non-res tags. I believe only the 11-year-old can hunt? Both have their hunter safety cards but it sounds like you need to be 10-years old?

My biggest question at this point is there any way for us to hunt during the same time period with them purchasing the Youth-only tag? I'm a big archery guy and would typically be looking at the archery-only tag so figuring out how to get the little guys in the field is a little tricky.

I'd take any advice you might have for me, never hunted these critters before but have always wanted to do so. I'd also like to camp in a desert type environment, if possible, as I think they'd enjoy the experience all that much more.

Thanks in advance!

From: Chuckster
You're right, the 9yo cant hunt yet however your 11yo can. Check out the draw results from the last couple years. There are a few units that have leftover tags and even though he is a junior, he can still put in for the archery hunt with you so you can both be hunting together instead of doing 2 separate hunts.

From: Dirty D
Thanks Chuckster, do you have a link to the draw results? I've been looking but can't seem to find it.

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