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From: BowhuntBill

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Well you ask that I post how my first ever Elk hunt in 16D in New Mexico went so here is the story. I am an Illinois farm bow and veteran whitetail hunter and pulled a bow tag for elk in 16D. My two friends Frank Gallegos and David Garcia of Albuquerque New Mexico are the best guides money can't buy! They know the area and they know elk hunting. We were in elk every hunt. The elk were bugling but not coming to calls it was early in the rut. We hunted hard and had many close encounters. One hunt I was sure I would ambush a 6 X 6 with a couple of cows but was messed up at the last minute by another hunter. Tuesday evening the 19th I was in a ground blind next to a wallow. A nice 6X6 with a couple of cows came in to a wallow about 100 yards from the one I was at. The wallows are on the south side of Eagle peak. Since I did not think I would have a shot I videoed him and that is why I have pictures. As he turned to leave I cow called even though to that point it had not been effective, but I figured I had nothing to loose. He turned on a dime and made a beeline to my location stopped 20 yards from my face and bugled. WOW that was a rush. But he stopped and I knew he was not going to come past my shooting window. He began to act nervous and knew something was not right. He started to turn I knew the only chance I had was to shoot through my lookout window which was small. I put my 20 yard pin on the crease and released. To my horror I had not seen a small branch. The arrow deflected back and I hit him too far back. It also changed the angle of flight and shifted the angle rearward causing the arrow to come to rest in the rear quarter preventing an exit wound. Yes I know rookie mistake and all that but I screwed up and I will live with that. We pulled out hoping I hit an artery or liver and he would lay down close. The next morning we began our search planning on a whole day recovery mission. We found no blood with no exit wound and an abdominal entry wound which I was fearful of. Before I left I bought a Garmin inreach GPS device with Satellite texting ability. Best money I ever spent! At 10 AM I recieved a text from my wife that my 80 year old father was in intensive care and going to have a 6 bypass surgery in the morning. She said there was nothing I could do just stay and hunt she would keep me informed but I could no longer hunt knowing I may never be able to talk to my dad again. I know the odds of finding my bull were very low and we packed up camp and headed for Illinois. It was a long drive home worrying about my Dad but I was at the hospital 6:30 the next evening a was beside my Dad. Dad made the surgery but has a long recovery road but he should make a full recovery! I am so thankful for my Dad being ok, my hunt of a lifetime, my close encounter with my bull and my camp I shared with Frank and David. I have attached pics of my bull I am sure it was a fatal hit. If anyone encounters him in the eagle peak area I would greatly appreciate knowing what happened to him. Bill Riechmann 618-314-0177

From: raceguy
Man, sorry bud. Sounds like you put in the effort. Even if you didn't have to go back, there's no guarantee you would find him. I't happens, happened to me. If he lived then all is good, if he doesn't... nothing goes to waste in nature. All you can do is to try for an ethical harvest. Elk have a will to live nothing I've ever seen. Keep hunting....

From: moch
Hunted those wallows many times. Hope your Dad Is doing ok. I also hope someone finds your bull.

My kids have a cow hunt out there next month. PM me the location you were hunting and we’ll check the area, maybe run across it and get it to you.

From: ohiohunter
Glad your dad is doing well, there will be other elk hunts. Hopefully he survives, otherwise I hope WW finds him for you.

From: Joe Wiz
Ill be up there this weekend for mobility impaired hunt. Will keep an eye out. Sorry about bull and dad. Hope hes doing better.

From: Dyjack
It'll never leave your mind. You'll always wonder what happened to him. I think that's just the blight of bowhunting. Shot a bull last year opening morning. Think I got photos of him a few months later, but hard to confirm if it was really the same bull. Will always be in my mind.

I'm sorry to hear about both events glad your dad is recovering well.

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