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Second year bowhunting
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danwaltermn 01-Oct-17
Tonybear61 12-Oct-17
From: danwaltermn
Hey guys,

It's my second year bowhunting. I tried a number of times last year around Crosslake, MN and I have tried the first two weekends this year in the same area. Lots of action on the trail cam and plenty of tracks, but no meat on the table yet haha. I'm going to continue to try there, but I have a business trip that takes me to Fergus Falls this Thursday. I figured I'd bring my bow and blind and stay the weekend to see if I can't stumble on any deer since I already made the trip up.

Anyone have any suggestions of somewhere I can access near Fergus Falls. It seems like there are a number of wildlife management areas in that area, but I'm not sure which one I should try since I've never been to any of these before. Any suggestions? I won't have my fourwheeler so I won't be able to get that deep into the woods. Let me know if you guys have experience in the area.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


From: Tonybear61
Hunted Tamarac near Frazee years ago but the packs of wolves moved in. The only place we saw deer after that was near buildings and roads.

Just like rest of MN swamps, lakes, rivers can be used to get you away from the crowds, and the wolves.

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