First morning hunt of the year
New York
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Droptine10 02-Oct-17
From: Droptine10
It was a beautiful morning for the opener, great temp and almost no wind. Almost perfect, if the deer would have been 60 yards closers of course. This was my first bow hunting in 13 years and overall it went pretty smooth. Although I did discover my HUGE rookie mistake that I have made before, many, many years ago. After sitting for an hour or so I drew my bow to make sure my muscles were still awake.It felt like I was drawing 80 lbs !.It was NOT smooth by any means. I couldn't believe it. How frigging stupid , I was more concerned with having enough energy to push my mechanical head threw a deer than weather or not the deer noticed my herky JERKY motion. SO I will be cranking it down a little and retuning some FMJ's with WASP Drones in the driver's seat. Live and learn.... again.

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