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hunting land wanted
South Carolina
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jjunkins5050 02-Oct-17
Redheadtwo 03-Oct-17
catahoola kerr 06-Oct-17
Lowcountry 13-Oct-17
From: jjunkins5050
hello everyone, I'm new on here so ill keep it short. Me and my wife have just recently got out of the military and moved to Lancaster SC. We are both avid archers and love to bow hunt but with recent events and poor experiences with public land, we have found ourselves with nowhere to hunt. We are both in school so we cant afford an expensive club right now but i'am strong and willing to work for any hunting opportunities, please let me know if anyone has any information on anyone willing to work with me. Thank you and God bless

From: Redheadtwo
Good luck on finding a reasonably priced club. Most are expensive and have too many members for the amount of land available.

WMA 50 bucks ( $) a year.Tons of land even hogs on some. I got tired of the drama queens and expense of hunting clubs.The few people that I have met on WMA are usually helpful and friendly.

From: Lowcountry
Pretty much what Redheadtwo and catahoola said. My father hunts a club in Fairfield County that is 50 miles from any large population base, and his dues are over $1000.00 a year. If you can't find a friend, consider public land again. I have never had a bad experience deer hunting the state WMA's. Turkey hunting on opening day is a whole other experience though.

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