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elk 324/325 hows every one doing?
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sliverstick406 06-Oct-17
JMG 07-Oct-17
Carnage2011 09-Oct-17
just curious to all hunters out there. I hunt 324/325 because it is home. how is everyone doing? this bow season was a rough one for finding elk.

From: JMG
When my son and I moose hunted along the Ruby River, we saw about 200+ head of elk on Turner's ranch along the Ruby River. We hunted up in the Gravallies (for moose) in the snow and did not cut any elk tracks, so it had me wondering.

From: Carnage2011
It's been good. I've been spending some time chasing around elk with my wife down there, and we've been into the elk pretty thick. This weekend was really solid, and we had several in range. A good friend of mine shot an old goofy 5 point Friday afternoon, and had several other great encounters.

JMG....the 200 head on Turners are there all the time. It has nothing to do with the hunting pressure. That herd will got shot up really bad in the next couple weeks when rifle season gets going.

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