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I have a question to you gentlemen.. I've been prepping all year for bowhunting and now the season is here, my freakin right knee is giving me trouble.. I went to an Ortho surgeon last year and basically told me that I'm aging and that it's a normal problem. It hasn't bothered me all summer like it it now. I've got the old rice crispies sound's while going up stairs, hills, tree's etc. I can take pain, and I'm not a pussy but it becomes debilitating at times. I just wanted to ask if any of you have had similar knee issues. And if you did, did you get a cortizone shot? DId it help or hurt the situation? I'm asking because this is where I'll find some honest answers. Thanx Arrknower

Man, I had the same thing a couple years ago. I limped all season to my stands. Climbing wasn't a problem as I recall. It was walking down a steep gully, creek bed, etc. putting pressure on the outside of the knee. I was carrying a piece of metal roofing, the wind caught it and I stepped in a hole at the same time. Took about nine months to heal. Now...good as new. No knife. No shot. Just judicious exercise and stretching. Not overdoing...letting the tendons and connective tissue heal. Active every day. Takes a long time with us old guys. I have hunted through a number of injuries, but you have to be smart about it. Just take it easy. If anything...try acupuncture first.

From: Shawn
Ask ortho to clean it out. Probably some small tears and feathering. Shawn

From: archer756
Its hell getting OLD

From: T ZEKE
It ain't fun, that's for sure...Tom

From: drslyr
Had a torn meniscus here. Had to have it repaired surgically. Its good now but took about a yr. to feel right.

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