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EHD in Northeast and Southern Ohio
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mattandersen 10-Oct-17
mattandersen 11-Oct-17
3arrows 23-Oct-17
Been hearing of EHD in northeast Ohio near Cleveland and south in Carrol, Columbiana, and beaver creek. Crazy. Anyone else hear of reported cases

From: mattandersen
its real bad in beaver county pa and a few other surrounding PA counties as well as jefferson and columbiana county in OH. We need a frost bad to kill the midges that carry and spread EHD.

Weather doesn’t look promising for bringing a good frost soon?? What days you have picked for good rut days to hunt?

From: mattandersen
I'm off week of halloween. Halloween has been good to me!

From: 3arrows
EHD in the paper today,hardest hit Cuyahoga,Belmont,Columbiana,Harrison,Jefferson and Lorain.

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