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T ZEKE 09-Oct-17
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Petcontain 11-Oct-17
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Buckstopshere 13-Oct-17
bow shot 13-Oct-17
From: T ZEKE
Our camp has been hunting steady for a week and hardly seeing anything at all...disapointing to say the least..very unusual for our place, worse start in 37 years. Anyone else not seeing much ? We're in 7P.....Tom

From: drslyr
Terrible in 8t too. Pal had 5 does in front of him couple nights ago. Didn't shoot. Private land. My pals uncle saw about 95 a wk. or 2 back when it was much cooler. This wk end. it was hot and HUMID. This morning we didn't go out in the pouring rain. We sat on the front porch watching the rain. It was so humid we were sweating through our clothes just sitting there. The rest of the wk end when we were hunting we wore shorts it was so hot. If you were a deer would you run around in 99% humidity with your winter coat on.

From: Petcontain
Starting to see some movement crossing highways early and late here in 7J saw 4 today.

From: jman22
Slow for most people I think. Very high temps have subdued movement to some extent. The bucks will move, just gotta be close to bedding. Better days ahead!

I agree with Jman these temps are not getting them up and moving. Hunt tight to food sources and even water..

Been too hot to move in the daylight much. They are just bedded. Wait 'til the cool temps.

From: bow shot
7H 100% dead, but numbers in my immediate area have been in the toilet for the past few years (nusiance permit thing).

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