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Can't find a turkey. I know it's hard
New York
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Huntinglife 10-Oct-17
scentman 10-Oct-17
Pat Lefemine 10-Oct-17
Mint 20-Oct-17
From: Huntinglife
I know it's hard to find them but I tried calling them in the dark with crow calls and some box calls but can't locate them I feel like it's a needle in a hay stack ... I live by east otto and zoar valley and go every day . Being cautious and walking slow stopping I've checked to find roosting birds by water fields but can't find anything..... I hope someone can give me some tips before thanksgiving because I don't want a steroids in my birds lol

From: scentman
ask local farmers where they see birds in fields, glass from afar they wont roost far away after late meal... get in early and sit 20 yds in from field of cut corn! Listen,,, don't call, you'll hear some chatter and some fly downs. just rusttle some leaves and soft putts try a ki ki soft and low... wait and listen and learn!

From: Pat Lefemine
They will be concentrated on food this time of year. Find freshly cut cornfields and you'll find large flocks of turkeys.

From: Mint
Call in the dark with owl hoots not crow calls or turkey calls. After the sun comes up you can use the turkey calls if you must and after around 9:30am I would use the crow locator calls.

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