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Heat is not helping
New York
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Pat Lefemine 10-Oct-17
hammer 10-Oct-17
XbowfromNY 10-Oct-17
bas4109 10-Oct-17
Petcontain 10-Oct-17
Arrowone 10-Oct-17
Buckstopshere 10-Oct-17
T ZEKE 10-Oct-17
Hunterdad 11-Oct-17
jman22 11-Oct-17
Mad dog 11-Oct-17
tcosmic 11-Oct-17
GetEmDrake 13-Oct-17
From: Pat Lefemine
It's nearly mid October in the NZ and I'm hunting in a tshirt? WTF?

All deer activity is nocturnal and they're not concentrated on food yet. Pretty strange season so far.

Anyone else noticing this?

From: hammer
2 times in the woods and only deer I saw were on the sides of the road at 4am on ride out.Real warm.See what tomorrow shall bring .Good luck to all

From: XbowfromNY
80+ degrees many days here in 3N/3S. Wacky

From: bas4109
I have only hunted once and the deer didn't move until it was too dark to shoot.

My camera pics are picking up some in the last few days though.

From: Petcontain
I stopped by my Georgetown lease around 1pm yesterday and caught a doe crossing the road headed to state land.

From: Arrowone
You never know. On 10/4, 3:30 pm, 86 degrees, a crunchy walk in, and while getting ready to put my climber on tree a 2.5 or 3.5 yo 6 ptr came right in to 15 yards. Too thick to shoot but if in my stand I would have had a shot. And then a big doe came in. I was shocked I saw deer.

And with all the feed in the woods, and it still being green, with the heat they don't need to move much. Trail cams show little movement. When we get some cool weather,...whenever that may be... things should really pop, rutting day and night.

From: T ZEKE
Refering to my thread "This is bad", obviously I agree Pat...Tom

From: Hunterdad
Missed a nice 8 pt with my recurve this past Saturday. He was pushing around a 7 point

From: jman22
I feel everyone's pain. Still no real cold snap in sight either.

From: Mad dog
Had a doe sneak up around 10am on opening day in Southern Zone. It was around 70 degrees, not hit like last few days. Not out again. Mad Dog

From: tcosmic
With winter coats on, movement will be minimal anytime temps are 55 and higher. Some guys are shooting some nice bucks regardless.

From: GetEmDrake
So I'm optimistic by nature BUT also have lots of daylight (around sunrise/sunset) activity on the cams around Ithaca and Dryden. Also had fresh scrapes and rubs around the stand yesterday. My buddy said he saw a small 6 pushing a doe yesterday in Ithaca. ALSO BIG BUCK SIGHTING - if anyone knows a guy cutting grass at the Syracuse Airport - there was a great non-typical buck with another deer (couldn't tell if doe or small buck driving by) behind the fence at the airport. The lawnmower guy was stopped taking pictures of the brute around 5pm as I drove into the airport....anywhere else I would've pulled over but I don't want to mess with TSA!! But this year reminds me a lot of the October from two years ago that was rainy, windy and warm. I remember reading the forum and guys going out we're seeing good activity regardless so good luck to everyone! Keep at it!

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