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Need Help,.... If possible
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wvvabowhunter 11-Oct-17
Hello everyone. Hope everyone's season is getting off to a good start. As for me, not so well. I am in need or in search of help or information. At the end of September I was informed that the 98 acres of private land that I was hunting on for the last 7 years was being sold and that the new owners of the land was not allowing anyone to hunt it this year due to development. This is located in Pulaski County near Claytor Lake where I live. I was wanting help or information from someone in the New River Valley area that would know of landowners willing to grant permission to hunt private property or maybe even lease property. I bowhunt, muzzleload and rifle hunt. I am looking for permission for myself only and if I do bring someone with me it is my wife and she does not hunt, she just comes along to watch and enjoy nature. If anyone can help out with information I would greatly appreciate it. I am primarily looking for private property in Pulaski, Wythe, Montgomery, Bland, or Giles counties,... something close to home in other words. I could go beat down and hunt the National Forest in the area but I feel safer on private lands, plus the regulations has changed for private land hunters during the muzzleloader season, in where you can take a doe now during any part of the early and late season. I hunt to feed my family and now I am in jeopardy of not being able to do that this year. I hope I will be able to find a place and I hope to be able to hunt this year. Again, if anyone has information or could help me out in anyway, please private message me or send me a message here. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you.

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