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Split Toes 11-Oct-17
Dusktildawn 12-Oct-17
Split Toes 12-Oct-17
awh302 12-Oct-17
From: Split Toes
Went down in the woods today to check the cameras and noticed a fresh rub on a tree on the path down through the woods that was created between Saturday morning and today. Just was wondering if anyone else has seen any? It's October 11th and seems kinda early to me but maybe not. I'm in marion county. Trying to think when I started seeing them last year and was thinking it was about October 25th or so roughly. Are they expecting an earlier rut this year?

From: Dusktildawn
We have been seeing rubs and several fresh scrapes for last few weeks in Northern Ill. Seems most movement and activity has been overnight. We have seen some movement early morning but midday and evenings have been slow. Cooler weather should increase activity and pre rut will increase around Halloween. Good luck and be safe!

From: Split Toes
Thanks for the reply it's almost time can't wait. Looks like more warm weather this weekend hopefully it's done after that. Good luck this year

From: awh302
It crazy to predict when deer will make rubs and scrapes. I've seen a scrape last all year long. I went out for the first time today and saw 2 bucks sparring then a bigger buck came out pushed one of the deer off and was sparring/fighting with the 3rd buck. Kinda early to see the buck all bristled up with his ears pinned back but you never know. Split Toes I sent you a private message.

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