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From: drbonner
Any NR have experience with these outfitters? Please PM me

Midwest Antler Co

Southwest Iowa outfitters

Any/all info or experiences are appreciated and welcomed.

From: drbonner
Somebody?! Anybody?!

From: buckhammer
Evidently everything in Iowa is top secret

From: SteveD
As it should. :)

From: t-roy
There is always very little traffic on the Iowa forums. I would suggest putting it on the big game forum. You will probably get a better response, IMO.

This ain’t the Kansas forum! ;-)

From: shortstop
Not so sure it's secrecy but may be more to do with the fact that our DNR doesn't give out many non res tags, therefore not a lot of outfitters can make it work. Check references!

From: Arrowone
My friend hunted with SW Iowa outfitters and was very happy. I hunted on my own on as a NR on some private land I found and was also very happy. A lot cheaper too.

From: BC173
Iowa Trophy Whitetails. West Central Iowa. Judd Cooney

From: pointingdogs
I don't think that many residents, who visit this forum, use outfitters. Thus the lack of response.

From: drbonner
I just figured there’d be a lot more non residents checking in here

From: Shawn
This forum is slow so no one really bothers to check in. I still think if you have at least 8-10 days of actual hunting time you will do fine on public! Shawn

From: drbonner
Purchased 2nd PP today.

From: Arrowone
So you won’t be going this Year with 2 pts. Are you committed to going with an outfitter?

From: drbonner
I’m still researching the public lands and outfitters and weighing my options. I’m shooting for 2020 and will have 3 PPs then

From: Arrowone
That should work for zones 4 & 5. My buddy went SW Iowa Outfitters in zone 4 and really liked it. But they have different level farms by price. He was at one of the top ones.

From: drbonner
I checked with SWI outfitters. What I was told is they have DIY farms which are cheaper (and in a different zone) and the farms that he does the all inclusive hunts on

3 PP's was not 100% draw in Zone 5 in 2017.

From: Shawn
Yup, 3 points is no guarantee in a couple zones! Shawn

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