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2018 Elk Suggestions
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BC 14-Oct-17
Treeline 15-Oct-17
EnDoB 18-Oct-17
txhunter58 18-Oct-17
Jaquomo 18-Oct-17
donnybowhunter 29-Oct-17
BC 06-Nov-17
BigRed 06-Nov-17
Mathewsshootr2 07-Nov-17
BC 07-Nov-17
From: BC
Can you guys suggest a good outfitter for next season. I currently have 3 points and would be looking for a hunt that is not crazy physical due to some lung problems. I'm in great shape but not to good on steep inclines. Any leads would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

From: Treeline
You might consider looking at some of the Flattops outfitters. You could draw one of those hunts with your points and the country is not too bad, especially with horses.

From: EnDoB
Ripple Creek Outfitters

From: txhunter58
I would look for a trespass hunt or private land guided hunt, manybe up in the northwest corner of the state.

From: Jaquomo

what unit are you thinking of hunting?

From: BC
Not sure yet. Still looking. I have 3 points.

From: BigRed
First thing I would do is see what units you're able to draw with 3pts and start from there. Some may be in areas you'd consider no go's from the start.

All this info can be found on the DOW website.

You may land on a unit that's an OTC and you wouldn't need to burn your points.


From: BC
Thanks for the input. It's great having guys on the ground out there who know what's going on. The search is on.

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