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goelk 15-Oct-17
oldgoat 15-Oct-17
monkeybutt 16-Oct-17
JohnMC 16-Oct-17
JohnMC 16-Oct-17
goelk 17-Oct-17
Destroyer350 17-Oct-17
CCOVEY 18-Oct-17
COLO 3-D 24-Oct-17
jordanathome 25-Oct-17
From: goelk
Anyone use this product and what you think? I'm looking into and would love your feedback.

From: oldgoat
No complaints on mine! It's far and away best out of the three brands I have.

From: monkeybutt
Very satisfied with my Poseidon

From: JohnMC

From: JohnMC

JohnMC's Link
I have a Anker I bought off Amazon looks like about exactly the same except they did not test by shooting with a shotgun. But if it get shot with a shotgun at 30 yards and does not survive I can buy a second one and still have a extra $50 in my pocket (Or the off chance it does not get shot $75). Been using for couple years no problems yet.

From: goelk
I was thinking of the Anker and it has more power too. Thanks guys

From: Destroyer350

Destroyer350's Link
Anker just came out with a new model for the 20000. Looks like it charges a little faster than the last model.

I own a Poseidon, i can get 4 full charges on an iphone from 0-100%. If i partial charge i can also use it for my Canon full frame camera.

From: COLO 3-D
I love mine! I have had it for a little over a year and use it not only while hiking and backpacking, but also use it while traveling on airplanes. Mine gets a lot of use and is still going strong.

From: jordanathome
But Anker doesn't have Aron and Brian pimping it.........!!! LOL

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