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Doe down
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PushCoArcher 15-Oct-17
OkieJ 15-Oct-17
okiehorn 17-Oct-17
J. h2os 20-Oct-17
BigOk 24-Oct-17
From: PushCoArcher

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PushCoArcher's embedded Photo
Decided to go out this morning sense a small cold front was moving through. When I got up it was raining checked the radar it said the rain would be gone by first light so I put my rain gear on and headed out. By the time I made it to my stand a little before 6 the rain had stopped. I was hunting over a couple persimmons trees that were full and dropping fruit. By 7:30 5 deer were feeding under them. This doe was leaving and walked by at 28 yards as she walked behind a tree I drew and when she came out the other side and stopped I drilled her. Now to focus on finding a big boy.

From: OkieJ
Nice deer and congrats, I got lucky today also. Front has them moving here also.

From: okiehorn
Congrats will be tasty

From: J. h2os
Your on a Roll.

From: BigOk

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