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Doe tags
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From: Bows the way
Just came back from 3 day bow hunt in the UP. I saw more does then any previous year some with two yearlings in tow. I did see three small bucks one has his rt side all broken up all ready and two where the biggest fork horns I've ever seen. Saw deer every sit my thought after talk to my neighbors who are seeing alot of the same open the application back up for doe tags. Even if you have to buy a piont give us the choice. It could defiantly give the UP alittle boost in tourism if you know your sitting there with a doe tag in your pocket. And no I personally don't care for APRs I've never found a way to cook antlers.

I had to pass on a chip shot at a nice fat doe on opening day at my place in Newberry because does are off limits...... I am not a horn hunter and I am not happy with the DNR right now....It makes me not want to deer hunt up there until they open does back up again for archery......

From: happygolucky
I'm fortunate to be in the area of Delta County with doe tags. I bought my son a doe tag and none for me. I'd prefer he shoot the doe and if we get a buck between us, we don't need more than 2 deer in our family. We have way too many does on our landscape. I realistically should be killing 4-6 off my crappy land this year.

I do feel for you guys in areas with no tags. I'd be PO'ed if we did not have them where I hunt.

From: Bows the way

Bows the way's embedded Photo
Bows the way's embedded Photo
Had 9 does at one time in front of me last night. Then this shows up. Makes me laugh.

I agree with the doe tags. I am in Marquette County in Upper MI and I have so many does that the bucks don't travel much if we have any. I wish I could take some does not only for meat in the freezer but to try and see if I can get some more bucks to move into the area by me. The ratio is way off.

Sounds like the wolves are not killing enough.

From: northbound

northbound's embedded Photo
northbound's embedded Photo
I like the idea of being able to use your buck tag for a doe late season archery. Think most guys know to only use it where we have to many does. Last year I had someone poaching does near my cottage. At first I was pissed. Then I actually thought maybe it was a neighboring land owner who also knows we may have a few to many baldies. Get pics of deer with arrows stuck in them isn't cool though

"Had 9 does in front of me, last night",,,,, With a feeder like that, why are you surprised '

From: Bows the way
I had 8 does two nights ago in front of me I know your frustration

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