Summit Treestands
big Pennisula in north castle
New York
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From: bowhunter914
anyone hunt the big peninsula in westchester county?

From: bowhunter914
anyone hunt the big peninsula in westchester county? OR turkey mountain in yorktown?

From: Somersbow
Negative. But I've spoken to people who have hunted them over the past few years. Decent doe numbers and some good bucks wandering around at times. Pattern the hunters and find the deer.

From: XbowfromNY
Here's a helpful link to NYC public land broken out by county. Westchester has several areas listed.

There are also additional Westchester areas that allow hunting. sections of Muscoot Farm and Lasdon Park and Arboretum in Somers, Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Cross River and Mountain Lakes Park in North Salem, Hilltop Hanover in Yorktown Heights and John E. Hand Bald Mountain Park in Yorktown

From: skipmaster1
To hunt the county parks you must be a participant in the county's Adaptive Deer Management Program. Qualifications for that are in the summer

From: Outside
Big Peninsula...never been. Turkey Mt...hunted a few times last two seasons. If you don't mind loud hikers and pets or finding treestands every 50 yds then go for it!! A friend was up there last weekend, saw a few small rubs and plenty of treestands! You'll run into plenty of hunters etc in westchester but it still beats sitting inside!!

From: Mad dog
I've heard Big Pen is good. Loudens cove I hunted several days in last few seasons. Not a lot of deer. Turkey Mtn was waste of time. Mad Dog

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