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Late season archery elk in unit 12????
New Mexico
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Muley_Cartel 19-Oct-17
moch 20-Oct-17
arctichill 25-Oct-17
priley 27-Oct-17
Dyjack 29-Oct-17
From: Muley_Cartel
Has anyone ever hunted this late season MB only (6 points on one side or better) hunt offered in unit 12? I normally hunt unit 16 a,b,c ECT. And have never been in unit 12 but since I did not draw an elk tag this year I may have an opportunity to hunt. Successful or not just getting to go is enough, but any advice to help make my odds better would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

From: moch
Mostly private land in Unit 12, so know your area before you apply or it can be frustrating.

From: arctichill
Were you fast enough on tge keyboard to get the tag?

From: priley
I made it to the CAPTCHA page twice and hit the summit button only to get a blank page. unit 37 both times a blank page. I have no idea why.

From: Dyjack
Priley, that's because of too many people trying at the same time crashing the server. That sucks that you missed out!

Was gonna try for 37 as well seemed cool to explore, but stuff came up.

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