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California Traditional bowhunters
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grndhntr 20-Oct-17
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From: grndhntr
I am curious about what you guys think. I recently took a bear with my recurve in Ca. I found out that the success rate for bear hunters in the state is less than 5% and only 12% of successful hunters got their bear with a bow (about 130-150/year) How many of those bow kills on bear do you think are taken with a traditional bow? I know I've beaten the odds but I'm just curious. Recently, I asked a bow shop owner this question and his guess was 1% of bowhunters hunt traditional in California. That would mean that maybe only 2 or 3 trad bears/year?

From: osage
I haven't seen anyone hunting in Ca with trad equipment in over 30 years. Except for myself of course. I do see quite a few bears however, mainly in the 'B' zones. Just never had a desire to eat one of those critters.

Look through the CBH record book.......there's a few in there. I've arrowed a bear with my Brackenbury recurve.....and also some with my compound.

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