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First Hunt
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Dirty D 21-Oct-17
Treeline 21-Oct-17
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Jaquomo 21-Oct-17
cnelk 21-Oct-17
Glunt@work 21-Oct-17
otcWill 21-Oct-17
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From: Dirty D

Dirty D's Link
I thought a few of you may enjoy this story. Took my 39-year-old neighbor hunting for the first time in his life (no squirrels, rabbits, pheasants, etc.) just right to elk. We had an amazing hunt. Reader beware, this did go down with a rifle, so don't click if you're anti-lead... Hope you enjoy.

From: Treeline
I loved the story! Very well written account of an awesome accomplishment! Congratulations to you both!

From: RogBow
Nice, I bet he is already thinking about next year.

From: Jaquomo
That's a great story, Matt, and good for you for doing that!

From: cnelk
Nice going Matt!

From: Glunt@work
Great stuff!

From: otcWill
Good deal Matt! I'm taking a kid out on mon who's never been hunting. Can't wait! Thanks for the story

From: Vids
Neat story, thanks for sharing that. Nice to see another one joining our ranks.

From: Dirty D
Thanks guys appreciate the positive notes. I was/am nervous the hunter in the story wasn't going to appreciate my account, since it exposes some of the new hunters' insecurities. I was trying to be fair and honest, not always easy... It really was a fantastic trip.

From: Jaquomo
Hell, I've been hunting big game for nearly 50 years and I still have some of those "insecurities"!


From: Surfbow
Great job! The only problem is you spoiled the guy! Now he's going to think killing a bull is a slam-dunk weekend proposition. You should have run him up and down some nasty hillsides for the first day, then killed one the second day...

From: Stickman
Nice Work!

From: Stoneman
Nice write up, thanks for sharing.

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