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unit 16a ?????
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elktrax 21-Oct-17
creed 21-Oct-17
bowbender77 23-Oct-17
elktrax 24-Oct-17
From: elktrax
How's it going everyone? I put in for the multiple Javelina hunt and was planning a trip to unit 16a with my son. We want to take the "new to us toy hauler" out for a scouting trip in this unit. Any and all suggestions would help.. Never been hunting there just want to get out with the boy and do some scouting and quad riding.. Scouting Pigs and Deer.. Any suggestions??? Thanks and have a Blessed day... Elktrax

From: creed
I don't hunt 16A but think I can give you enough info to confuse you. I will send you a pm.

From: bowbender77
Bring a scatter gun for the Quail.

From: elktrax
Thanks Creed... going scouting next week...

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