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Iroquois County
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Rick Wiltshire 21-Oct-17
Franklin 21-Oct-17
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Deebz 05-Jan-18
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Rick Wiltshire 16-Jan-18
FWIW - I had two small bucks chasing two does last night in Iroquois County. Looks like it may be starting to kick in.

From: Franklin
Cool...the next week looks great with the clouds and cooler temps.

From: sureshot

From: Deebz
I'm in Iroquois as well...not sure how much hunting I'll get to do though...At the hospital now with my wife and new baby boy... Whereabouts in Iroquois county are you Rick?

From: Dusktildawn
Congrats on the new baby boy!

Congrats X 2 on your son. I am East Of Watseka and then North along the river.

From: Deebz

Deebz's embedded Photo
Deebz's embedded Photo
Thanks for the congrats guys! Been awhile since I've checked back here.

I ended up hunting twice with my bow and once with my gun for deer this year...not much quantity, but definitely a ton of quality...killed a coyote on opening day with the bow and this guy 2 hours into my one sit with the shotty...

From: Highlife
Nice deer.

Land for sale in Iroquois county Illinois. Email for details.

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