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New to Oklahoma. Need advice.
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Newtont86 21-Oct-17
OkieJ 22-Oct-17
Newtont86 22-Oct-17
MichaelArnette 01-Nov-17
From: Newtont86
Hello to all. New to Oklahoma. More specifically the Ardmore area. All I currently have to hunt is public land. I need advice on hunting the Washita-Texoma WMA. I set a stand on the NW corner by Courtney creek and have learned that I may be in hog heaven so small chance of seeing whitetail. Hunting here is not the same as Kentucky. Any advice would be much appreciated.

From: OkieJ
There are other WMA's in that part of the state. Wildlife department has a book of all WMA's in the state that you can purchase. Good luck and welcome to Okla.

From: Newtont86
Thanks Okiej. I've looked at one about an hour west southwest of me in Love county, but I've been told to stay out of Love county if I can help it. The Washita arm is a little closer.

Shooting a hog isn't going to be so bad. Still good meat on the table.

Nothing wrong with love county lol

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