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Strictly Sticks ENTIRE 2017-2018 Sched !
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HARRY CARRY's embedded Photo
HARRY CARRY's embedded Photo
Well, yeah, it's Archery Season in Pennsylvania. What else does that mean?

Time to publish the "Strictly Sticks Traditional Archers" 2017-2018 3D schedule, INCLUDING the dates for the September 2018 2-day Weekend, that's what it means!

After all the funky weather of this fall's Archery season, why not look forward to where you'll actually see something you can shoot at? Non-living, stationary, foam 3D targets made by Reinhart? And no antler restrictions!

We will not be giving you pretty, easy, open 8 yard shots. Or, maybe we will. We haven't gotten that far yet. We don't even know which side of Nuclear Creek, or both sides, the course will follow. Nor what paths.

That only happens the Saturday before the Sunday's shoot, when the Crew gets together for set-up.

So.... the mostest info you've got RIGHT NOW are the dates. Something written. On the it must be true.

Write them on your calendars. Write them on those 2018 calendars you're starting to get in the mail! Tell your family members. Tell your friends. Tell those people who ride with you down the mountains all the way to Alverton, after stopping at every Sheetz to tally the hogs.

"Strictly Sticks" is back, for 2017 and 2018!

A good handful of new Reinharts. Smiling faces behind the kitchen and registration counters. And some of the best Attendees you'll find at ANY Traditional or Open Archery event. Period.

Look forward to something we hope we will be making as a fun event. Goodness knows we try!

Because we are Traditional Archers, too, and we like seeing our friends!

Hope to see you, in November, and beyond!

Signed: The Crew

PS: And until then, keep an eye on our Facebook page "Strictly Sticks Traditional Archers", for the latest comments and details.


HARRY CARRY's embedded Photo
HARRY CARRY's embedded Photo

Looking forward to it and printing Dad a copy. Thanks SS crew

This is good news.

Just bumping this up.

First shoot of the 2017-2018 season is 2 Sundays from now, on November 19....

Tis the season of holiday plans. Christmas work parties, family gatherings, shopping trips, etc. Its enough to make your head spin!

Right in the midst of all the chaos my well trained wife says "But when is Sticks?".

I think a tear welled up in my eye. It was beautiful.


I swim in a sea of estrogen here, living amongst all these females. I may not be included in most conversations or planning sessions but they have learned to consider The Strictly Sticks Schedule before finalizing anything involving me.

A mans got to get his priorities straight!

From: John H
Glad to hear you are still in control there, Red, even thou its only till you are told you're not.

Red, behold the Goddesses, for when they speaketh, we must listen-eth. They have granted you favour, and sendeth you with their blessings, December 17.

Boy oh boy, talk about pressure! I'll let the Crew know that we gotta be worthy...really worthy...for that shoot. We'll try our best.

You can bring that box of tissues along with you, cause once you're here, you'll probably need a few to contain those tears of joy, just so you don't blur out the target and hit Mr. Perfect or The Gnome.

Then that sea of estrogen will be planning other things for you....

(John H. : you are sooooo right.....!)

See yinz on December 17!

Do any of you have any idea what it is like to ride for 11 hours in the same truck with Red? Do any of you really know what estrogen really smells like? Scratch that thought! Heck...he doesn't even like quality music:^)

From: RC
I never did like Red. :)

I do know what it's like to ride 11 hours with the smell of stale cigars, man funk, swamp mud, and fast food wrappers! All the while we're listening to "music" that sounded more like a cat caught in a gate!

Bobby there's a March Metallica Marathon in the works for the trip. Just letting you know now so you have time to load up on crying towels.

Hey bro.....your'e gonna have the cigar smell in March:^) As far as Metallica....I'm not sure about there being a channel on Sirius, but you'll be glad to know that the Greatfull Dead channel is still going

I wonder if the Chief still has room..............

From: RC
Pack Reds butt in a uhaul trailer, Bobby...

From: stickhunter
Dang, missed the first shoot.

Harry, are you not posting the schedule over on the leather wall anymore?

I'd like to try and make the December shoot....leaving that day for a hunt in Maryland. Still might be time if I get packed up early enough.

Randy posted the schedule on LW 10/21/17 with several posts to bump it up.

Too many nonsense threads push good topics down on the Wall. I always come here to get Sticks news.

Yep, I post the Sticks schedule on the L.W., but since it's more a local/regional topic, it gets buried very quickly, amid the topics of "What's the brace height for a Bear Kodiak", or "Can you kill a dead cow with a 1616 Jazz Aluminum".....

So, I come over to the PA BOwsite, where a host of regular (??) folks seem to enjoy jumping in with comments, both related and unrelated. BUt none-the-less somehow keeping the thread sorta near the top of the charts.

Stickhunter, good luck on your Maryland hunt, and if you can swing the "Sticks" way, it will be good to see you!

Ya never know who just might be there. Rumor has it that Dave Mustane and Lars Ulrich might be representing a new Metal Bow company, but, it can't be confirmed. Neither can it be confirmed that a certain pastor, some Reverend Peyton guy, might show up with his big darned band of trad Archers.

It might just be Red Beastmaster and Bob Hildenbrand, slugging it out to see who first shoots at the nuclear teddy bear.

Such...such is the life of Strictly Sticks.....

December 17th. A Sunday. Be there, and find out for yourself. But don't say we didn't warn you about some people!!!!

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