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Bucks Chasing Does
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Swift Arrow 23-Oct-17
Rick Wiltshire 23-Oct-17
Chris S 23-Oct-17
Sandman20 23-Oct-17
Franzen 25-Oct-17
From: Swift Arrow
Had 4 different Bucks pestering Does this weekend in North Carroll county. They couldn't enjoy a nice alfalfa meal in my hay fields without getting chased around. Exciting time to be on stand.

Plan to be in Carroll county Nov 5th for a few days. Hope they are really on the move then.

From: Chris S
Lost our Carroll lease to new group this year. Pretty depressed about it.

From: Sandman20
I hunt north Carroll as well. Haven't been out yet. I'm off to hunt Wednesday-Sunday the next 2 weeks

From: Franzen
Had a likely 2.5 year old chase the 4 does and fawns I was watching out of the field last night. Still early. The younger ones are just getting antsy and the does are just being annoyed right now.

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