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Killdeer Mountain Hunting?
North Dakota
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tchr 24-Oct-17
No Mercy 25-Oct-17
Z Barebow 21-Nov-17
From: tchr
My family and I have some land in the Killdeer Mountains. We have a lot of deer and turkey on the property and even some elk, mountain lions, and wolf. I am just wondering how difficult it is to draw a rifle tag for that country and If archery is over the counter for non residents? Thanks!

From: No Mercy
For non-residents a mule deer tag rifle will be very difficult, a whitetail rifle tag will be a smidge easier, but not a lot. Whitetail archery is over the counter, but Mule deer is not-it is a draw.

From: Z Barebow
I would concur with Jason. RE Rifle tags for NR. Almost a sucker bet. Your best bet is archery tags. MD NR are lottery, application deadline date is March (Off the top of my head) WT are lottery also, but I don't think they fulfill the allowable quota so they are a defacto OTC for NR. Archery tags are either sex. (If the unit allows for MD doe tags) One unit was still closed for MD does this year. (It may have been Killdeer Mtn area, but don't quote me)

Coyotes on the other hand, get a license and shoot as many as you can. God will make more!

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