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From: Soundman
Today I ordered a Primos buck decoy and plan on trying it out in a place where there are a couple really nice bucks. Never used one before, but I'm going to take as much scent precaution as I know how before use. From what I saw on several videos, I don't know why more people aren't using them. Anyone here have any experience with them? Any advice?

From: sundaynwv
Yes. Great in fields. Horrible in woods.

Place does facing away from you. And upwind as the buck will come in downwind of doe. Place buck facing you as buck will face it to fight. Try to position both for a quartering away shot.

I promise you the deer will have zero focus on you. I've killed one eight point with a decoy. Had a nine in Indiana I passed on. He walked in stiff legged and bristled.

Don't give them too much time really close to decoy as they realize something is wrong.

Also, does get nervous with another doe decoy around.

From: Babysaph
I don't have any experience with them but my friend used one and he said the deer were spooked by it. He also had it in a field and some good ole boy shot it. Get up high enough to get above the bullets lol

Yes. Agree with what Cory said. I have the carry lite decoy. Make sure you get it as scent free as possible. I also only use one side of the rack i never put both sides on. The one sided buck appearance seems to work very well. I had a small 4 pointer come in all bristled up and walking stiff legged. Like Cory said they will approach from the down wind side so set up accordingly.

From: sundaynwv
If you set up right you will have a broadside shot as they approach to get downwind and a quartering away shot when they face the decoy.

Also, about 25 yards out should give you a 15-20 yard shot. Don't want too close or too far.

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