Doe Management
West Virginia
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From: gobbler

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Had a great afternoon with Lonnie Sr. And Lonnie Jr. Yesterday helping thin out some does. Good hunt, started at 2 and was back to cabin by 4:30 for chili and a couple hours of old hunting stories. Good time!

From: Babysaph

From: sundaynwv
Glad you three enjoyed! Meat in the freezer.

From: gobbler
It was a joy having Mr. Sneed. He made a great shot and deer only went about 40 yards. Still a great hunter at 80+ years of age. A previous friend of mine that I used to let hunt wounded 2 doe with muzzloader and rifle at 40 yards before I let him use my rifle. The year before he shot a spike at 40 yards with a scoped gun, claimed he thought it was a doe. He doesn’t hunt there anymore.

From: Babysaph
I hope I am alive at that age let alone hunting. Congrats. That is just great. Lonnie is lucky to still be able to hunt with him.

From: hookman
That's a joy seeing the Sneeds still being able to hunt together and harvest game. It don't get any better than that.

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