New Hunter looking for guides
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mdpeters 30-Oct-17
TODDY 30-Oct-17
CPAhunter 01-Nov-17
Inshart 01-Nov-17
mdpeters 13-Nov-17
Inshart 16-Nov-17
From: mdpeters
Hey all, so I just got into bow hunting last year and I have only gone once. I am looking to really get into the sport, but unfortunately don't have enough connections. Anyone out there know of good places to hunt that won't break the bank and are good for beginners?

Hi Mike, What are you interested in hunting? Minnesota is good for deer and bear with a bow. Plenty of places to hunt where a guide isn't needed. Bear is a little tougher logistically based on getting bait sites established and keeping them fresh, but other than that, it just takes some time. TODDY

From: CPAhunter
Where are you? I'm often looking for hunting partners north of Duluth.

From: Inshart
What part of the state are you looking at?

From: mdpeters
I am live in Minneapolis, but am willing to go anywhere in Minnesota or a weekend trip or something. I am looking to mostly shoot whitetail, as that's all I am set up to do.

From: Inshart
PM sent.

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