Carbon Express Arrows
It's starting
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Elksong 30-Oct-17
PECO 30-Oct-17
SHPoet 31-Oct-17
Big-Al 31-Oct-17
MathewsMan 31-Oct-17
Big-Al 09-Nov-17
From: Elksong

Elksong's embedded Photo
Elksong's embedded Photo
Starting to see some rutting action here.

From: PECO
What a beauty!

From: SHPoet
Young bucks have been at it a week or so up here but the does are not ready yet. It's been funny watching them.

From: Big-Al
Saw the first true chasing last night on the river bottom. Starting to see some bomber bucks showing up on camera too.

From: MathewsMan
Its hit or miss around here. Some areas they have been rutting, others no big boys with the does yet, just small guys, Some of our rifle guys this past week killed some great bucks, including some that will be on Outdoor Channel next year-

Hoping to find some big boys next week

From: Big-Al
The big boys in my neck of the woods are locked on does right now. Going to be hard to pull them off, however, the big drop tine buck just showed up and he has a date with my daughter's .270.

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