Cutting shooting lanes mid-season
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Reid15 30-Oct-17
Jdbowelk 30-Oct-17
DanWesson357 30-Oct-17
Eoin 31-Oct-17
Teeton 31-Oct-17
PALongbow 31-Oct-17
Reid15 31-Oct-17
horsethief51 31-Oct-17
Red Beastmaster 31-Oct-17
From: Reid15
I had to change hunting stand locations and I'm wondering if cutting 2-3 shooting lanes will be too much disruption this late in the season. What do you think?

From: Jdbowelk
mother nature prunes all the time but she don't smell

From: DanWesson357
Do it!!! You will be fine!

From: Eoin
I did just that on Saturday. I needed to have two more lanes opened since I saw deer use narrow trails that weren't visible to me. Sure, I didn't see anything for the rest of the day, but I attribute it to the three loud trespassers that tromped right up to me.

From: Teeton
Leaves are still falling, wood changing everyday. But like stated try to keep the smells down. Ed

From: PALongbow
Cut away. I moved a stand on Sunday before the heavy rain came in and had to do some significant trimming. We will see how it works out later this week.


From: Reid15
Thanks guys, I'm going to give it a try and see what happens.

I opened up the shooting lane I shot my buck in tonight on Sunday. He never knew what hit him.

I doubt a deer would memorize where each branch of each tree is located.

A squirrel might miss it though. ;)

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