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Any luck from MAAP?
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canepole 31-Oct-17
okiehorn 31-Oct-17
EmbryOklahoma 01-Nov-17
okiehorn 05-Nov-17
From: canepole
Haven't heard much about the Mac hunts this year. Anyone had any luck? Maybe a good story or two? I was thinking last weekend should have had them moving. Gene

From: okiehorn
Im heading out tomarrow. Hunting deer creek this time. Its going to be warm but nothing stops the rut.

Good luck, Kevin!

From: okiehorn
I just got back from MCAAP. Awesome time as always. I think 28 deer killed. One big buck that earned a rock. I missed a buck at 30 yards. The guys going next week should hit prime time. Smaller bucks chasing like crazy. big bucks are just waiting. good luck to next weekends hunters. We did see one buck across road where we could not hunt. He would score 170 or 180. Thanks to all whitehats. They are great guys.

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