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Rut activity across the state
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Highllainsdrifter 02-Nov-17
Shortdraw 03-Nov-17
Bigdan 04-Nov-17
Highllainsdrifter 05-Nov-17
Irishman 05-Nov-17
Papa John 06-Nov-17
Bigdan 08-Nov-17
SBH 08-Nov-17
What is the rut activity in your area ? I am starting to see some rutting with the Mule deer but not so much with the White tail in central Montana

From: Shortdraw
Mulies over here in the southwest. Whitetails on our farm have been scrappy for a couple weeks but it's been all small bucks. This snow should help a bit.

From: Bigdan
No sign of the rut here in the breaks

I was at Grass Range this weekend. Medium sized mule deer snooping around but no chasing. White tail are spread out but no activity but should be on next week

From: Irishman
No sign of rutting here in the NW.

From: Papa John
Saw three bucks chasing doe this morning.

From: Bigdan
I saw a mule deer and two small Whitetail bucks chasing tonight here in the breaks

From: SBH
Had a great sit the other morning. Had a 115" ish 4 pt come in, make 4 scrapes and push does around. Then rattled in a 1x3 from about 120 yards. They are starting.

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