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Elk Hunting Question
South Dakota
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Dakota 03-Nov-17
Brotsky 03-Nov-17
Dakota 04-Nov-17
From: Dakota
I am in a wheelchair after breaking my neck in a rodeo accident and wanted some opinions from those that know the Black Hills elk units pretty good. The rough country does not bother me at all as far as being bumpy but side hills do. Being paralyzed from the neck down with a ventilator on the back of my chair I am pretty top heavy and tip over pretty easy. The question is, do I have a realistic chance of getting a elk as far as terrain goes? Can I get into the elk do you think? I have a pretty nice shooting rig and practice a lot and am comfortable with my setup and accuracy out to 500 yards. What says you that know the area, especially unit H2?

From: Brotsky
Randy, you can definitely get into the elk in your situation. There's a lot of mild country in H2 that you will have no problem navigating. You draw the tag and I'll gladly give you a bunch of spots to check out. The area my daughter shot her elk in had some great bulls in it and if a guy had a little time to spend in there he could have killed a dandy on some very flat ground. You're going to find the terrain in parts of that unit isn't much more difficult than your ranch land in Harding county.

From: Dakota
I appreciate it.

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