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Hoppy Kempfer gets a monster whitetail
West Virginia
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Jim Casto Jr 03-Nov-17
gobbler 03-Nov-17
David Mitchell 04-Nov-17
hookman 05-Nov-17
Babysaph 06-Nov-17
From: Jim Casto Jr

Jim Casto Jr's embedded Photo
Jim Casto Jr's embedded Photo
Some of you may know Hoppy personally as many of us have hunted with him at Osceola Outfitters; he’s the owner operator. Some of you may have seen his ad in the VOICE, heard about him thru this forum, or been to the banquet and noticed he always donates a hunt to the WVBA. You may not know he’s a hunter in his own right and loves bowhunting most of all.

Here’s a picture of a 192” buck he’s just taken. I don’t know any details-yet, but I know they have a lease in Missouri.

From: gobbler
Great buck!

Holy cow--what a deer!

From: hookman
Great buck!

From: Babysaph
Wow. Now that is impressive. Holy cow

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