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From: Barkskin
Hey everyone, I am new to Nebraska and plan on getting licensed for bow hunting next year. I was wondering if it was legal to use a Horn Bow to hunt in state. I looked around the net but couldn't find anything that said it was OK or not OK. So I thought I'd ask in these forums.

From: Cuts
I don't know for sure, but I'd assume you'd be fine. Hopefully you can get out this year and get your first NE deer. What part of the state are you in?

From: MarvinHall
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From: Aspen Ghost
Yes you can. You can also use a spear or atl atl. You should get on the Nebraska G&P website and study up if you are going to be hunting in Nebraska. From the Nebraska website:

Legal Weapons for Firearm Season: •.22-caliber or larger rifle that deliver at least 900 foot-pounds of energy at 100 yards •.357 magnum rifle, .45 Colt rifle and hand-thrown spear are legal •Handguns or muzzleloading handguns that deliver at least 400 foot-pounds of energy at 50 yards •Muzzleloading rifles .44-caliber or larger •Muzzleloading muskets .62-caliber or larger, firing a single slug •Shotguns of 20-gauge or larger that fire a single slug •Long bow, compound bow, recurve bow, shoulder-fired non-electronic crossbow (with a draw weight of at least 125 pounds), hand-thrown spear •Ammunition with multiple projectiles is illegal •Semi-automatic firearms capable of holding more than six cartridges are illegal •Full-metal jacket or incendiary bullets are illegal •Arrows or spears must have a sharpened hunting head with a blade of at least 7/16-inch cutting radius from the center of the arrow shaft. Arrows or spears containing poison, stupefying chemical or having an explosive tip are illegal.

Legal Weapons for Archery Season: •Bows and spears as defined above

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