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West Virginia
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Deer assasain 06-Nov-17
woodstick 06-Nov-17
JayD 06-Nov-17
Babysaph 06-Nov-17
hookman 06-Nov-17
I just found a nice spot, buck sign everywhere. Problem is when I was hanging my stand I didn realize that there is a bicycle trail right below me. Do you think this will affect deer movement in this area?

From: woodstick
Deer will probably use the bike trail. It could be frustrating for you if someone uses the trail while you are hunting. I'd try to set up out of sight of the trail. Best bet would be an escape route leading away from the trail.

From: JayD
Well you could look at it from a different point of view: if the sign is there they must be using it pretty good. With the bike trail there, the deer are use to seeing people so that may make them a tad less cautious as well. See a lot of success with these urban hunts with deer and people in close personal interactions.

From: Babysaph
Well you answered your own question. sounds like they are using it.

From: hookman
Kill them where you legally can.

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