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Fall Turkey - Bow
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Zach7800 06-Nov-17
Dusktildawn 06-Nov-17
Franzen 08-Nov-17
Zach7800 08-Nov-17
From: Zach7800
Afternoon- previous resident of KY and WI. Does anyone know of any good bow land for Turkey this fall? Was hoping to get out this weekend and stretch my legs. Currently located in Sugar Grove, 60 miles west of the city.

Thanks in advance.

From: Dusktildawn
Shabbona just west of you has turkeys and is a public sight. Mostly see them on the west side by the pine trees to the north.

From: Franzen

Franzen's Link
Plenty of public sites have turkeys and few to no people target them in the fall. You ought to be able to find a flock. Be sure to read the public site rules before you go, and follow them. The link is a good place to start to find locations that have turkeys without actually scouting them.

From: Zach7800
Thank you both!

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