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Archery deer partner
Contributors to this thread:
Greeny 07-Nov-17
Hopperskins 14-Nov-17
Jslapro 17-Nov-17
nijimasu 27-Nov-17
From: Greeny
I'm first year hunting 2017. Will be doing the november archery deer in 39. If anyone have no partner and dint want to be alone I'll be glad to join you. I m not afraide to clime as much as I have to, I can go as early as I have to and even I have no experience in bow hunting I know all the teory.

From: Hopperskins
I am in the same boat but most likely won't be hunting until next year...

From: Jslapro
I am in Post Falls. May be a little too far away from you. Not sure though.

From: nijimasu
How has your hunt gone? I don't have a deer tag left this year, but PM me if you're interested and I can talk to you about the unit.

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