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Rut Phases
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Hey everyone, I got this idea from someone else and I figured it would be cool to do it for Missouri. Basically you just report what your seeing in the woods as far as rut activity goes. So I haven't been seeing any chasing. Although I have night time pics of it. A lot of cruisers. They are responding well to grunt and bleats used together. Some responses to Rattling also. They seem to be hitting the plots at night and the big hard wood areas during the day. They don't have the beans out around me which could be why they are not hitting the plots very hard.

That's here in NE Missouri.

From: slingNsticks

Saw some chasing last night in the distance. I got some great trail cam pics of some monsters scraping at night, but no daylight activity here from the bigger bucks. Although I have friends that are saying that they are seeing a lot of good rut activity. The crops are all out around them, and they are seeing it all on the food plots.

From: hogthief
cruising and scrape checking yesterday in Johnson Co. didn't see any chasing, or hear any grunting.

Saw some smaller bucks chasing, does and each other. Nothing big. The scrapes are still popping up all over the place. Saw a buck bedded with two does too.

From: BuckStalker
Mature bucks are responding to calls in Lincoln County. Several shots heard today. Lots of bucks harvested in my area.

Same here, tagged out on a big 9.

Ok, so I started this thread under a different user last year but I forgot my pin # and couldn't get back in as Hoytobsessed23. The rut is about to kick off again and just hoping to get and give a little info about what phases are going when, and who's seeing what. For me, here in Adair county I've been seeing some smaller bucks cruising and responding to calls. A lot of 1-3 year olds. Got a couple of night time pics of some big ones but no daylight pics yet.

From: hogthief
road-kills went up last night.

From: hogthief
one descent buck chasing yesterday. lots of small bucks cruising in Johnson County.

Saw a nice 8 yesterday and some smaller bucks. They're running the does hard. Deer out in midday too. Lots of bucks on trail cam.

From: VTslinger
Seen some nice bucks already with does. Young bucks cruising all day.

From: Old School
Chasing at every farm we hunt in central MO


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