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Wisconin and Wolves
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ground hunter 09-Nov-17
ground hunter 13-Nov-17
Looks like they are fed up with Congress,,,, the legislature is submitting a bill, where both wardens and police, will not enforce Federal law, on the safety of wolves, something like Wyoming did......... Enough is enough, Congress who now has the power, could not decide which donut to take out of a bag, and there are only 2,,,,,

Interesting to see where this goes,,,, latest news in the Outdoor paper, is the USFWS should have their ducks in order, to resubmit to get state control back, by the end of the year,,,,,,

On the radio today, bill is zipping thru, it will shut down wolf mgt program, and all enforcement of it, unless the issued goes back to state mgt....

MI should do the same

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