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Is the corn getting cut?
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killinstuff 10-Nov-17
t-roy 10-Nov-17
killinstuff 11-Nov-17
slickyboyboo 11-Nov-17
NEIAbowhunter 11-Nov-17
From: killinstuff
Hello All,

I'm going to stop in IA for a few days to chase pheasants on my way to SE Kansas a just before Thanksgiving and was wondering if the farmers are harvesting? Sorry, haven't kept an eye on the weather in that part of the world and don't know if it's been dry or wet. Oh, and how have the bird numbers looking? Montana and the Dakota's bird numbers took a beating this spring and summer and are way down.

From: t-roy
Depends on what part. Still some corn standing in central Iowa but I’d say 80-90% is combined. Not sure on the numbers.

From: killinstuff

From: slickyboyboo
Been down here in SE Iowa for the last week. Still seeing a lot of corn, but the combines are running like mad, especially since it hasn’t been raining.

probably only about 60-70% out up here in northeast iowa. bird numbers aren't the best here but they are increasing and I have been seeing more birds whenever I don't have my gun. I haven't seen this years roadside survey results yet, but in past years the western part of the state has been more promising according to that.

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