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From: Wis125
Good day all. Looking for a little info from some locals, if u care to help out a packer fan. As far as I understand it is legal to bow hunt during ur regular rifle season? And secondly do the back waters and islands of the mississippi get a lot of pressure from deer hunters? Thanks

Yes, legal to archery hunt during gun season. I have been told the islands get busy but have not experienced it first hand. TODDY

From: Inshart
Ryan, Yes the islands do get hunted quite hard, at least in the area of Camp / Fort Ripley.

My dad's farm was on the other side of the river from there and there were always boats going to the islands before daylight - I presume hunting.

If you do hunt in those areas and shoot a deer that goes onto camp property - good luck.

Several years ago I shot a nice buck that swam the river into Ripley. I was not allowed to go in there, however I did go over to the gate and met with a few guardsmen - I explained exactly where it crossed (right by an area where the guards would cross the river during training exercises) so they all knew where it was. I left them my number with a promise pizza and beer for all if they found it for me. Never did hear anything back.

From: jjs
The islands/ bottoms do get hit with pushes from the locals, know 1 gent that is all they do and are productive. he stopped over and show me several nice bucks his clan takes about each year. Been noticing a up tick of x-gun pushes also.

From: Wis125
Thanks for the info guys. I'll have to keep you posted.

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