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Archery Hunt in January - Unit 10 or 22
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JM84 11-Nov-17
AZ8 12-Nov-17
From: JM84
Hi - I am planning to hunt the archery only season in January for Mule Deer. I'm not familiar with AZ, but have done a lot of research online and narrowed it down to Unit 10 or 22. Any recommendations on which unit holds the most mule deer? Will deer being in the rut in both units come January?

Cheers, Josh

From: AZ8
If you choose 10, plan on buying the access permit for the Big Bo. It's a big unit with decent numbers, but still a tough hunt. My buddy just finished his hunt there(rifle) and came home empty.

22 has no access issues. Get off the roads and glass. You will see deer. Big deer in the flats, but you'll come home frustrated and with an empty freezer...haha. Hunting the giants in the flats is a multi-year affair. You will be outsmarted and humbled! :)

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