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Minnesota DNR 7 deer presumptive CWD
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flounder 15-Nov-17
South Farm 16-Nov-17
MNBowAddict 17-Nov-17
From: flounder

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Minnesota DNR 7 deer test presumptive positive in southeast’s CWD management zone

From: South Farm
Call out the "sharp shooters"!

Did anyone think they wouldn't find CWD?!? The writing is on the wall, someone doesn't want deer in that neck of Minnesota and they will stop at nothing to make it so...then they'll move on to the next area they want deer eradicated.

From: MNBowAddict
Well even if there is truth to it our not, what's most unfortunate is that this area will basically be dead to deer hunting for at least 10 years. IF they eradicate the CWD, great, but multiple years of unlimited permits, and extended season, is going to all but destroy the herd, which will take years and years to recover. If I owned land in that area with the sole purpose being for hunting, I'd be getting rid of it as fast as I could.

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