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One of our own is grieving
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Schwammerl 15-Nov-17
Stix 16-Nov-17
Keith in colorado 16-Nov-17
Destroyer350 16-Nov-17
PECO 16-Nov-17
tradi-doerr 16-Nov-17
tobinsghost 17-Nov-17
Jaquomo 18-Nov-17
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From: Schwammerl

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I was unaware when a buddy of mine mentioned that our brother Lou is grieving. Bowsite forum: Thanks to Bow friends in a time of grief

From: Stix

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Lou, I am sorry to hear of your loss. I normally don't venture off the Colorado and the Leatherwall forums, so this is the first that I, and many on the Colorado forum have heard of this. I prayed that God presence be made known to you in a mighty way, and His comfort and peace reign down on you, your family, and friends.

PRAYERS My friend!!!

From: Destroyer350
Stay strong Jaq. You are in our prayers.

From: PECO
Wow, very sad news. I don't know how I missed this. My deepest condolences to Lou, his family and close friends.

From: tradi-doerr
Prayers sent up for you and your family Lou.

From: tobinsghost
Stay strong brotha, remember all the good times and cherish the opportunity you had with her. Prayers and thoughts are all around you, embrace them and may they comfort you.

From: Jaquomo
Thanks, guys. It was unexpected, but a merciful end. She was only 54 and I miss her terribly. Life goes on. I'm learning a lot about myself during this process and will get through it as everyone does who loses a longtime spouse. It sucks but thankfully I have a ton of close friends for support.

Thanks for the kind thoughts.

I don't spend a whole lot of time on Bowsite anymore so this is the first I have heard of your tragic loss. Please accept my deepest condolence. Be comforted in the fact that God has a plan for all of us if only we believe and have faith in him. I'm sure she is waiting for you in his kingdom.

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