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special regs hunters
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Bowhunting 5C 22-Nov-17
Just wondered who would be hunting with a bow for deer and bear in the special regulations areas of the state?

From: Delco 10 Pt
Ill be for deer

From: Stew
I am trying to but too many plastering jobs this month, hopefully Tuesday I get a break for the rest of the week. This is the first year I got a bear license maybe I will get lucky in 2b.

I know a concrete guy from your neighborhood in the same boat Clark. He never did get to go hunting with us this season.

From: HerdManager
Yes, I'll be bowhunting Dec 4-9, due to rolled ankle sidelining me for a while.

From: Justgrad25
If my kids and I aren't successful up north, I'll try to sneak out for a few sits with my bow in Elizabeth Twp. during rifle season. Did get one several years back that way, one morning. After the first few days, the deer get pushed closer to the houses.

From: JoeBow
I will be chasing them through the neighborhoods through January. Nothing yet 5D.

Yup, still chasing in the special regs... It is really frustrating this year... Trail cameras lighting up, scrapes being tended, rubs popped up all over, a finite amount of daylight activity...

This week Junior!

Art, I wish.... I have gone to battle against many bucks in the past, but these two are giving me fits. That's why I love bow hunting so much, the battle and the chase... I just wish sometimes I had your optimism... I also think where they live is part of the problem, as well as the terrain. Keeping at it in the Special reg's man...

From: Rut Nut
Good luck John! Hunting specific bucks is really hard! But then again isn't that why we bowhunt?! ;-)

It is... Sometimes I think the person who came up with the definition of "Insanity" was a bow hunter... Chasing a 5.5 -6 year old is really trying.. And he does not get any dumber.

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